Check Please! Recs


Weekender by WrathoftheStag

Jack hates conventions — the crowds, the noise, the forced socialization, but it’s a work thing that must be done. Enter Samwell Hockey Player, Eric Bittle, who attends the convention with a group of friends. Suddenly things begin to look up. Jack and Bitty meet at Falcs Fest. Flirting, shenanigans, and love ensue.

Word Count: 34,834

the best little gay hockey family in georgia by des-zimbits

When George’s friend Suzanne moves back to New York, freshly widowed, with a baby on her hip, she’s only too happy to help out.

Word Count: 3,041

the messes of men by decinq

His first year in the NHL isn’t easy, but Jack has spent his entire life playing through the hurt.

Word Count: 70,791

take this sinking boat and point it home by twohourstraffic

Jack plays for the Falconers, but he’s on mandatory leave for his health. Bitty is a food blogger whose restaurant advice he follows. It’s all very complicated until it isn’t.

Snapshots of a life, feat. Jack’s anxiety, his support network, a lot of food and many, many group texts.

Word Count: 69,362


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