Glee Recs


The Shots Verse by somebetterwords

Kurt Hummel was a catch. Kurt was a catch, and Santana didn’t know what she was talking about. That’s what he’d tell himself until he believed it. But actually, talk was cheap. Kurt was going to go out and dangle himself at the gayest nightclub in the tri-county area and watch the men clamour to catch him. He wasn’t having a slutty meltdown or anything. His self esteem was not dependent on the attentions and opinions of strangers. He just needed an ego boost, one single night of his life for recalibration and encouragement from unbiased observers and also drinks. He just needed… a shot in the arm.

(Though it wasn’t exactly a needle he was looking to stick in himself, and he didn’t want it going in his arm either.)

Word Count: 42,305


Rubbery Chicken Universe by cinder1013

Kurt gives Blaine his freedom so he can pursue his career with June’s help, even though it breaks his heart.

Santana always says that he’s too nice, but sometimes karma gives back in spades.

Word Count: 5,412


postsecret ‘verse by scarletjedi

Dave Karofsky’s life changed when his anger management therapist lead him to

Word Count: 169,036


Steal a Heart by MochaCappuccino

Blaine offers to help Kurt afford Dalton by having him room with him. Kurt repays him by helping him through his family drama. Love, angst, adventure, and lots of sex ensues.

Word Count: 327,541


Third-Degree Felony by raving_liberal and patchfire

Puck didn’t intend for his disclosure of what his summer was like to land him in the middle of a large-scale criminal investigation. He was just looking for a shoulder to cry on and someone to take him seriously. He finds a better best friend in Finn than he ever realized.

Word Count: 41,304


Quinntum Leap by patchfire and raving_liberal

On the way to Finn and Rachel’s wedding, a truck hits Quinn’s car, and she wakes up in the hospital in the early autumn of 2009, with memories of a life she hasn’t lived yet. She sets out to change what she must have dreamed, with just two goals in mind: still getting a letter from Yale, and doing it with Finn still at her side. As she begins to make changes, Quinn has to decide if her initial goals are still what she really wants.

Word Count: 60,152


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