Stargate Recs


The Jouney Home by puddleofgoo

When John is forced to leave Atlantis and the Air Force, he thinks his life is over. But amid the chaos of his shattered life he discovers the true meaning of family and where he really belongs.


When John is forced to leave Atlantis, Rodney makes the toughest decision in his life: to leave Atlantis and the work he could only dream of five years ago. Instead, he throws himself into John’s life, making sure his devastated friend has something to life for, to strive for. Somewhere along the way, though, Rodney discovers his own life and family may not be as far off as he originally thought.

Word Count: 453,879

Survival + Snippets by ZedElla

“We’re survivors, John. Thousands of years of evolution have told us that. But it’s going to be rough. Take care of your people.”
The screen went black.

Word Count: 28,054


Harry Potter

Wizards in Space by Esama

The Dumbledore’s Army use the Room of the Requirement to get themselves a spaceship.

Word Count: 49,581

The End of Magic by AdriaTaylor

That aliens exist and live on Earth is intolerable to the muggles. Soon, the genocide of magic has occurred. In 2040, the last of a race choose to sacrifice themselves to send one back in time, to save them all from ever dying in the first place. Going back one hundred years, Harry Potter must bring his people to the stars and away from Earth before all life as he knows it dies. He has one chance to save his people, and one chance to stop the muggles. Can he do it?

Word Count: 27,053

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Understanding by orphan_account

After a less than friendly break from the Watchers’ Council, Xander is accidentally transported to a different galaxy filled with a new kind of vampire, hot aliens, and brainwashing herbs.

Word Count: 42,586


Not in Kansas Anymore by LitGal

No species is all good or all evil. The tok’ra like to believe they are the “good” side of the onac race–the symbiotes who developed into the goa’uld. However, the tok’ra never mention Shamash or Samas, the ancient Sumerian god who was really one of the early queens. She (or really Samas prefers to be called a he) remembers the onac before the corruption of Ra, and he tried to lead his people back to a life in the water. He failed. However, thousands of years later, one gunnery sergeant on a suicide mission stumbled into a South American river, and Samas found he had another chance. The SGC and later Atlantis gave Samas a chance to save his people and make a few changes for the better in this universe. Samas once allowed Ra to take everything away from him. This time Samas is going to make sure his people are strong enough to stand up to any enemy. And to serve that end, he’s going to make sure that those that he trusts–Tony, John, Rodney, Teyla, Ronon, Elizabeth, Major Teldy, Radek, Miko, Kyli and others–have the power to combat anyone who tries to take Atlantis from them.

Word Count: 461,021


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