Stargate Recs


The Jouney Home by puddleofgoo

When John is forced to leave Atlantis and the Air Force, he thinks his life is over. But amid the chaos of his shattered life he discovers the true meaning of family and where he really belongs.


When John is forced to leave Atlantis, Rodney makes the toughest decision in his life: to leave Atlantis and the work he could only dream of five years ago. Instead, he throws himself into John’s life, making sure his devastated friend has something to life for, to strive for. Somewhere along the way, though, Rodney discovers his own life and family may not be as far off as he originally thought.

Word Count: 453,879

Survival + Snippets by ZedElla

“We’re survivors, John. Thousands of years of evolution have told us that. But it’s going to be rough. Take care of your people.”
The screen went black.

Word Count: 28,054

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