Tony/Gibbs Trust by mykkila09 What if when Ziva and McGee had turned off the radio, Tony had ended up in a deadly situation and needed their help? Will his teammates realize something is wrong in time to save both their partner and the victim? And what happens when the real reason why Tony didn’t have… Continue reading NCIS Recs


Glee Recs

Kurt/Sebastian The Shots Verse by somebetterwords Kurt Hummel was a catch. Kurt was a catch, and Santana didn’t know what she was talking about. That’s what he’d tell himself until he believed it. But actually, talk was cheap. Kurt was going to go out and dangle himself at the gayest nightclub in the tri-county area… Continue reading Glee Recs

Teen Wolf Recs

Derek/Stiles We Share A Crown by ahloralordine “So he’s in? It’s all settled? Woo-hoo. He’ll be here for pack meetings.” They only know about those through Isaac, who has been trying to convince Scott to join Derek’s pack with his sad, SPCA commercial worthy puppy faces every time they see him in the locker room,… Continue reading Teen Wolf Recs

Check Please! Recs

Jack/Bitty Weekender by WrathoftheStag Jack hates conventions -- the crowds, the noise, the forced socialization, but it's a work thing that must be done. Enter Samwell Hockey Player, Eric Bittle, who attends the convention with a group of friends. Suddenly things begin to look up. Jack and Bitty meet at Falcs Fest. Flirting, shenanigans, and… Continue reading Check Please! Recs

Stargate Recs

John/Rodney The Jouney Home by puddleofgoo When John is forced to leave Atlantis and the Air Force, he thinks his life is over. But amid the chaos of his shattered life he discovers the true meaning of family and where he really belongs. and When John is forced to leave Atlantis, Rodney makes the toughest… Continue reading Stargate Recs